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Ashtae Neutralizing Shampoo is specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse while returning the hair to its natural pH after any chemical application.

Added Benefit: Mix the ASHTAE Neutralizing Shampoo with the ASHTAE  Shades of Essence Ebony Black to remove the yellow cast that tends to  follow a relaxer on a gray-haired client.

How to Use: After completing a chemical application, rinse the hair thoroughly with water. Towel blot. Apply a  generous amount of ASHTAE Neutralizing Shampoo and work into a  lather. Leave on hair for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat  procedure until lather no longer appears to be pink in color. Pink lather indicates the presence of chemicals in the hair. Towel blot hair gently and  follow with ASHTAE Silk Protein Conditioner or ASHTAE Crème Revitalizer Treatment.

Case Sizes:

  • Single Item- 1 bottle
  • Quarter Case - 3 bottles per case
  • Half Case - 6 bottles per case